10/17/2014 05:03 pm ET Updated Dec 17, 2014

5 Everyday Pieces to Inspire Your Halloween Costume

The month of October is the kick-off before the holidays. Stores are already filled with holiday decorations, and the smell of Halloween candy three aisles down is looming in the air. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love to go all-out. A lot of my friends love Halloween as well, so it becomes a several-night affair instead of a grand, one-night party. However, when I start reminding myself of all of the holiday gifts/travel/decorations costs, I have to pull back the reigns and find something reasonable. Luckily, with sites such as Etsy and Pinterest, I've learned to get creative not only artistically, but also financially.

If you're not into going big on Halloween, you'll love easy, transitional pieces. Surprisingly, the best place to look first is your own closet. You already know it fits, and you can spend money on the details rather than the basics. After looking in my closet and coming up with a few great options, I can guarantee you'll have at least one of these. Here are five great basic pieces in your wardrobe that you can transition into a variety of costumes.

1. Knee-High Socks
With fall comes boot season, and with boot season comes the need for knee-high socks. I can bet most of you have a pair or two lying around. Knee socks complement a variety of costumes; from the classic school girl/nurse/nerd outfits, to athletic and character costumes. For more knee-high sock costume inspirations, head here.

2. Black Leggings
Black leggings are not only comfortable, but you probably already own at least one pair in your closet. Pair with a black shirt and cat ears to dress up as a cat. Or, add a black leotard under your leggings and pair with black heels and volumized hair for a great DIY Sandy from Grease option.

3. White Button Up Shirt
Forget the office business appropriate attire and use your white button up shirt for something a little more creative. From Risky Business-inspired ensembles to Britney Spears in the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" video (you'll need the knee high socks for that one too), the white button down can be used for something a little more fun than just business professionals. For more inspiration ideas, go here.

4. Sunglasses
Your sunglasses can say a lot about your personality, and can also make your costume. An aviator-styled pair with fringe and tie dye can make you look like someone out of the 1970s, while Ray Bans and a floral high waist can make you look like you're heading to the sock hop. Pick out your favorite pair and search for ideas from it. You'll be surprised at how easy sunglasses make an outfit!

5. Jeans
We love a good pair of jeans. Coincidentally, so do many character-inspired outfits. From dressing up as a cowboy, a lumberjack, an undercover Ccp, or the fashionable Olivia Pope from Scandal, jeans are a great basic item in your closet. Splurge on the detail pieces such as a cowboy hat, sombrero, flannel or trench coat to really make your outfit transition from basic to costume attire. For more inspirations with your favorite pair of denim, click here.