12/23/2014 03:43 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2015

Travel Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Izabela Habur via Getty Images

The holidays are a joyous time, filled with obstacles during the busiest season. After every trip home to visit my family, I always returned exhausted, frustrated and in need of a vacation from my "famcation." In return, this exhaustion would turn into a flu or cold. The holidays are a trying time on all of our bodies, wallets, and patience. If you're not careful, you can be like me and get sick.

However, if you try to stick to a healthy routine, pack practically, and watch your travel conditions, you'll be able to come back from the holidays relaxed and rested. Sounds impossible? I think not.

Watch State Limits
Although most states abide by the same laws, it's important to keep aware of the fluctuating speed limits in each jurisdiction. It's important when traveling long distances to brush up on your driver knowlege. This will save you time, as well as potential points on your license.

Stay Update On Road Conditions
The Waze App is one of my favorite travel apps to use when driving long distances. It's community based interface shows upcoming road conditions, reroutes, and estimated time. The less time you're in the car, means more time for your mom to ask you why you're single.

Give Your Bank a Heads Up

When traveling somewhere you are not acquainted with, it's important to notify your bank of your travel. It's a lot easier to give them a few days notice instead of trying to verify from a pay phone in Italy that you need your debit card (guilty). In addition, make sure to have cash. You don't know where you'll find the nearest ATM, and if your card doesn't work, at least you are prepared.

Pack Lightly
With the holidays, chances are you'll be bringing home extra (gift) baggage. Make sure to pack basics, such as neutrals, so that your wardrobe is easy to mix and match. Roll your clothes instead of folding to avoid creases in your clothes. I like to bring an extra plastic bag in my suitcase in order to put the dirty clothes in it throughout my trip. By packing lightly, you'll save possible additional travel costs and have less decisions for your wardrobe (which saves time).

Stay Healthy:

Keep Hydrated
When traveling, the different climates add stress on our bodies (not to mention all of the holiday treats!) Water is everything, so it's important to stay hydrated!
Plastic Bottles may seem like an easy, disposable way to stay hydrated while traveling. However, the bacteria may actually do more harm than help! The bottled water industry is very loosely regulated and nearly "40 percent of all bottled water starts out as tap water" and "studies have found bottled water to be no purer than tap water, and in some cases even harmful, with one out of every three containing harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing contaminants, bacteria, and carcinogens. Not to mention, your own germs can get stuck in the rings of the top. Gross!

Eat Those Veggies
Although all of our favorite sweets and decadent treats are available to us (AND the way grandma makes it), it's important to continue your fruits and veggies to stay up on your vitamins and nutrients. Your body will thank you.

Know When You Have to Go to the Doctor
If your sniffles have turned into something worse and the vitamins aren't doing it for you, it's time to throw in the towel and head to the doctor. Being sick is miserable, and extending the process doesn't seem fair to your body. If you don't go to the doctor, you can face other more serious issues, such as Balloon Sinus Dilation, Sleep Apnea, or Pneumonia.

Exercise is great for your body. Not only does it get the blood flowing, but it helps you maintain your weight (even after the dozens of cookies you ate), improves your mood, boosts your energy, and helps your immune system. Whether walking for twenty minutes a day or going to the nearest gym, make the extra effort and your body will be glad you did!