11/17/2014 05:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Celeb Looks Every Man Can Achieve With the Right Blazer

Jason Doiy via Getty Images

Whether you're a guy trying to spruce up your look, or a girl searching for fashion ideas to pass on to your better half, looking to the celebs is a great way to get inspired (don't feel bad they always look so put-together, they have professionals helping them).

If you're a guy, you are likely a visual creature, so even though you might know that blazers look awesome, pulling them off is another story. Seeing exactly how a celeb like Jude Law pulls it together with an outfit can be exactly what you need to figure out how to do it yourself.

And if you're the girl trying to help inspire your dashing young man look a little more snazzy (or maybe he already has that covered and you're looking for a fashionable Christmas gift for him), this list will inspire you without breaking the bank (all of these looks are totally affordable -- you can check out the original article on AskMen for tips on where to find sleek blazers at great prices).

1. Andrew Garfield, The Social Network (2010) (click here to see where you can get the look)


Eduardo Saverin kills it in this three-piece suit, but it's really just the well-cut coat that counts. Wear it with a suit for that killer-instincts look, pair it with jeans for accessible-take-me-anywhere style or accent it with good browns for an intellectual aura.

2. Jude Law, Alfie (2004) (click here to see where you can get the look)


If you are only going to have one blazer, this is it. Classic navy, cut well and with great lines. Jude Law's Alfie had but the one and wore it like a second skin. Does the man become the blazer or the blazer become part of the man?

3. Daniel Craig, Skyfall (2012) (click here to see where you can get the look)


It's hard to argue with Bond's choice to pair this sport coat with a white shirt. His tie really makes it -- all classic Bond, for sure. But imagine, if you will, Daniel Craig wearing this with a black shirt and black skinny tie. Perfect coat for both sides of a man.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator (2004) (click here to see where you can get the look)


Though he strayed from the formula as a man, (if not rewrote the formula), Hughes' style was classic and exuded (somehow) the perfect amount of opulence. This two-button blazer is today's perfect amount of opulence -- given that accessibility is now an attribute.

5. Matt Damon, The Adjustment Bureau (2011) (click here to see where you can get the look)


David Norris: The accessible politician in triple-blue-threat wardrobe. Step away from all the blues, and you can take this door-opening jacket and make it your own. Naturally, it would pair well with khaki chinos, a black jeans/black tee combo and, of course, a good fedora.

6. Brad Pitt, Ocean's Twelve (2004) (click here to see where you can get the look)


What else would you want to be wearing if your car just blew up and you wanted to demonstrate that you aren't phased? A tux? Too much. Navy blazer? Out of your element. Checked sport coat? Perfect. This coat will send the message that you cannot be ruffled.

7. Steve McQueen, Bullitt (1968) (click here to see where you can get the look)


One could certainly still pair this olive plaid sport coat with a turtleneck, especially if you say very little and at least stand next to a 1968 Mustang GT. If that's not your thing, you can certainly rock it with all black underneath by night or earth tones by day.

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Inception (2010) (click here to see where you can get the look)


A navy plaid sports coat can convey a "dangerous genius" look. Or, at the very least, "willing to take risks and really smart." Be prepared to answer questions correctly and confidently when sporting this coat -- especially if you keep all the accents blue. Be that "go-to guy" with this one.

9. Michael Fassbender, The Counselor (2013) (click here to see where you can get the look)


The counselor's choice to wear this camel-hair sport coat is indisputable. The richness of the color combined with the weight and thickness of the fibers shows the wearer has impeccable judgment. Consider earth tones underneath.

10. Ben Affleck, Runner Runner (2013) (click here to see where you can get the look)


Bad guys and herringbone? Nope, it's not an expression. Handsome guys and herringbone? That's a little better, but still not an expression. This handsome herringbone sport coat can be used to intimidate with your style or impress with your character.

If this list has inspired you to get yourself a blazer (or buy one as a gift for your boyfriend), make sure to check out the original AskMen article for examples of great brands to achieve the look without breaking the bank.