11/13/2013 04:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ho, Ho, Homeless: Abandoned Santa Parks

There's still 43 shopping days until Christmas, but at abandoned Santa parks across the world, the holidays are long since over. The tradition of the Christmas-y theme park can be seen the world over as purveyors of amusements attempt to turn the most popular holiday in the world into a year-round money maker. Unfortunately, as many of these off-season attractions found out, Chris Kringle isn't quit as popular in the heat of summer. After a lack of attendance, many Santa parks are simply abandoned, leaving St. Nick's broken grin to decay on slides, swings, roller coasters, and any other surface wide enough to paint a face. Take a look at some of the more stunning examples of this holiday decay:


From Brazil...
Image by Paul Keller

2013-11-11-64e17c295ccb0fb8a7_santaarizona3.jpg Arizona...
Image by Todd Huffman

2013-11-11-fab8a7ffc52f2d4a12_santasworkshop.jpg Michigan...
Image by Ed Fisher

...the jolly old fat man has seen better days. To see more of these crumbling Christmas carnivals check out Atlas Obscura's article on Abandoned Santa Parks!