Adam Klugman

Host, Mad as Hell in America

Adam Klugman is the host of Mad as Hell in America, a talk radio show produced on AM 620 KPOJ out of Portland, Oregon. He is also an award winning media strategist and campaign consultant with a proven track record of transforming populist sentiment into articulate, entertaining, and successful national campaigns across a broad spectrum of formats. Whether it was the first-ever celebrity effort promoting separation of church and state for First Freedom First, a Democratic Party branding effort, or the wildly popular cross-country Mad As Hell Doctors tour for Single Payer, Klugman has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to build inspired, hard-hitting messages around even the most difficult issues. His unique, creative style, his big picture approach to American politics, and his quick, passionate wit make him the perfect host for a radio talk show fanning the flames of 21st century progressive populism.