Aimee Eoff
Aimee Eoff is an Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker and Writer passionate about helping others discover their intuition.

I'm a mom of two, lover of jeans, angel wings, green tea, yoga & cayenne pepper on just about everything. I love people. I love to talk and listen and connect. I love intuition, art and good old school soul work. I am an intuition girl. Always have been, always will. I am very "sensitive" to energy. When I was young, I just knew stuff and I saw energy which was a bit much when I did not know what it was or know how to use it. In my young adult years I got to a point of feeling "different", "too sensitive", like I had gone "mad", I mean really who has dreams that come true or knows when there's a cop around the corner waiting to give your speeding mom a ticket? Mad I tell you! So of course, the way this amazing universe works, I found the right people at the right time where my soul journey began. I learned I was not "mad" I was gifted. Wheew. I learned tools to help me use this gift of intuition to see a different perspective, to see life and people as spirit, energy and good 'ol vibes. I believe in paying it forward, and I am on a mission to do so tenfold, supporting as many people as I can on their soul journey. I am ridiculously interested in your happiness and that you are living a life you love, one where your physical reality mirrors your heart's desires. I am passionate about teaching and holding a space for each to connect inward, learn to trust their intuition and find their own answers to create a life they love. I met with clients one on one, offering Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Development Mentorship, and Soul Life Coaching. I also offer workshops, classes and retreats in person and online teaching tools to develop intuition using meditation, journaling and soul-full dialog. Life changing good stuff.