Alan Shayne
Former President, Warner Bros Television; author, "Finding Sylvia"

Alan Shayne was the President of Warner Brothers Television for many years, shepherding hit shows such as Alice, Night Court, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Wonder Woman, Growing Pains, etc. He began his career as an actor on Broadway and became a well-known casting director of TV and films such as All the President’s Men. He produced TV specials and, after leaving Warners, received an Emmy nomination for producing the mini-series The Bourne Identity with Richard Chamberlain. Alan now lives in Connecticut and Palm Beach and writes. His latest book, "Finding Sylvia", a novel/mystery/romance set in Hollywood, Connecticut and around the world, launched in October 2017. The book he wrote with his partner Norman Sunshine, "Double Life: A Love Story" was very well received and is being translated and published in Estonia in the Fall of 2017. Alan also wrote the children’s book "The Minstrel Tree", reprinted in Good Housekeeping.

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