Ashley Stahl
I'm a career coach who helps job seekers find their purpose and land more job offers. I also run CAKE Publishing, a ghostwriting house for influencers.

I'm a career coach and speaker to millennial job hunters around the world. I also run CAKE Publishing, a ghostwriting and copywriting house for influencers and companies to generate content that inspires their audience. Before being an entrepreneur, I was an award-winning counterterrorism expert who helped government officials prepare for the frontline of the war on terror, but the Pentagon couldn’t hold a candle to my passion for career leadership, so I founded Ashley International, Inc. I’ve supported 5,000 job seekers in 25 countries through my online program, the Limitless Career Lab, and I also privately mentor forthcoming coaches. Along with Forbes, I blog for Huffington Post, LinkedIn, and my own career blog.

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