Christopher Mondini
Corporate diplomat

From the stately halls of Washington to the hacker-dens of Silicon Valley, Christopher Mondini enjoys a front-row view of communication breakdowns that occur across sectors -- public, private and nonprofit -- and dedicates his efforts to bridging the gaps.

A cross-cultural communicator from an early age, Christopher is not only a multilingual economist, but an adept “translator” between professional disciplines: helping technologists understand policy makers, activists understand CEOs, and all of us understand trends shaping our inter-connected future. As a former U.S. diplomat and corporate investigator, Christopher sees tech companies as particularly prone to ignoring the cultural and political impacts of their cross border ventures, thus missing opportunities to learn from stakeholders on the ground, and forgoing advice from policy experts.

Christopher’s diverse international experience has taken him from the meeting halls of Davos to the jungles of South America. He has investigated the world’s largest corporate corruption cases, convened working groups with NGOs around the globe, and helped deliver mobile health services in rural East Africa. He recently co-founded an international development team for one of the largest engaged philanthropy groups in existence. Christopher’s pursuits are driven by his belief that there’s a scarcity of “corporate diplomats” able to broker the kind of dialogues required to direct disruptive technology toward responsible and profitable ends, while mitigating unforeseen pitfalls.

Christopher holds degrees from Georgetown and Johns Hopkins, and is a speaker and writer on the topics of transparency, business ethics and corporate responsibility. He enjoys provoking “ah-ha” moments – both for himself and among really smart people.