Christopher Wilcox
Founder, Natural Curiosities

Christopher Wilcox was born in England and went to school in Oxford before studying at the London School of Printing. He then cultivated an aptitude for sales and marketing and travelled widely across Asia and South America.

His journey brought him to California eight years ago where he felt instantly at home and liberated by a powerful sense of the possible. He set up Natural Curiosities in 2005 and continually asks the question, “What is art?” In this quest, he established an Art House -- a place where he could close the door to all distractions and open the window into his creativity.

Christopher is at the forefront of an emerging life-style movement. He believes in self-sufficiency, sustainability and utilizing self-expression to influence the world in a positive direction. He is a collector and taste maker with complementary business interests in the worlds of food and fashion. He is also a home farmer and bee keeper in the Hollywood Hills.