Claudia Helena Oxee
Author, "'Tales' from the Tarmac"

Claudia Helena Oxee immigrated to New York after leaving war-torn Germany with her family in the early 1950’s. At an early age she became enamored with cultural diversity and traveled extensively, at one time living in Vienna and teaching middle school there. Upon returning to the U.S., Oxee became a successful model in New York City’s fur district. She also enjoyed being a dancer and singer, performing on television and in Carnegie Hall. After several years, she traded the runway for the jet way, moving onto a career at JFK Airport. TWA, Iberia and Pan Am were her stepping-stones before being promoted to station manager for a German-based carrier, LTU International Airways (now Air Berlin).

Oxee has written several articles and stories for magazines; however, “Tales” from the Tarmac is her first book. She is still involved in the airline industry as an Independent Airline Crew Consultant and is currently working on her second book, “Tales” from the Tarmac Too.


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