Crystal Syben Haidl
Civic Discourse Producer

Crystal Syben Haidl is a civic discourse producer, who explores new media, print, TV and community event gathering to create accessible projects of real world relevance. Her projects range from sexual free speech and sexual responsibilities, community dialogue, citizenship, tax accountability, values based economies, homelessness, food, and anything that focuses on honesty and transparency, in general.

She's been an occasional radio show guest on The Young Turks, Radio Chick and Alan Nathan’s Battle Line.

Crystal's seedling projects include-- America's Sexuality Day, celebrated annually every March 3, on the anniversary of the Comstock Act of 1873, America's landmark censorship law against sexuality education, sex in the arts, and lifestyle; The Comstockery Collaborative, which includes legislative and advocacy work for sexual understanding; Day One 365, which hopes to gather support between private, government, and non profits to advocate New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as national community volunteerism sign up days; Two interactive - TV social reality projects, American Dinner and Nomads are cooking up on the back burner.

Crystal’s planning her next book-- Sex and Housecleaning, Saving the World on My Hands and Knees. Her previous book III (Three): The Fantasy And Experience Of Threesome Sex, is a socio-erotic, limited collectors edition, true story and nude photography anthology, featured in Hustler, Penthouse Forum and Her personal blog, Naked Sex (And) Politics, ponders the ironies and hypocrisies of sex and politics in American culture, and in her personal life.

Crystal's experience owning a house cleaning service, with a staff of 20 women and students, in the 80s and 90s, helped her understand the difficulties of government regulations on small business and labor.
She's spoken about tax responsibilities versus tax burdens at Chamber of Commerce events, and once, in front of what turned out to be a largely libertarian stunned crowd in Valley Forge. She has given testimony before the Pennsylvania legislature about small business, and before the Philadelphia City Council regarding labor. DO365 (blog) America's Sexuality Day (site under new construction)