D. Yvette Shirey

Born Daphne Yvette in Cocoa Beach FL, Yvette is the daughter of Dutch-Indonesian immigrants. After moving a couple of times early in life, Yvette has spent most of her life in Maryland.

Yvette was married before the age of 22, had a daughter in 1999 and found herself divorced in 2007 after 16 years of marriage. She and her ex-husband agree in the belief of a disciplined parenting style that includes open communication and transparency with their daughter.

After creating her initial sales management career in the computer industry, Yvette chose to re-invent herself and start over in the publishing world focused on Operations. She enjoyed a 9 year career that involved all aspects of Operations and the eventual promotion
to Vice President of Operations. Having met her professional goals, she chose once again to re-invent herself and left the corporate world to open her own small business –- a Day Spa which 3 years later expanded to an additional Salon & Spa.

In 2005, she was honored with Entrepreneur of the Year–Small Emerging Business. But then her life tsunami began. Losing her Grandmother, then 6 months later her mother from a rare form of Leukemia, a year later her marriage and eventually her business which
could not endure the economy, a series of unfortunate events and the distractions of life.

Yvette has spent the last few years finding herself and re-inventing herself one more time. After a short stint back in the corporate world she found herself unemployed due to layoffs. Now, she focuses on a freelance business that is finding success supporting small professional services firms.

Her strong relationship with her daughter and new found love, gives her a solid foundation for the future.

With the vast array of experiences, Yvette is able to relate to women from all walks of life and shares her experiences to help others facing adversity to find the strength and power to re-invent themselves and find a better life.

Yvette invites you to visit her on facebook and give your feedback. http://www.facebook.com/pages/HappenMakers/196211507107534?sk=wall