Dan Madden
Foreign policy and defense consultant

Foreign policy and defense consultant

Dan Madden is a former Marine, and has served as a military legislative assistant to two Members of the House Armed Services Committee. His work focuses on stability operations, the defense industry, fragile states and foreign assistance.

Projects have included legislation authorizing the State Department’s Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, the Civilian Response Corps, and the alignment of federal personnel benefits with their responsibilities in ongoing conflicts. His work on defense acquisition led recent legislation to reform how programs are evaluated, ensuring a focus on winning today’s wars.

Mr. Madden served as an artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps from 2000 to 2003. From 2003 to 2004 he served as a Recovery Team Leader at Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, leading a team of military and civilian specialists in missions to Southeast Asia to search for and recover the remains of missing military personnel from prior conflicts.

Mr. Madden received a master’s degree from Columbia University in Political Science, where he focused on political economy of development, and a second master’s degree in Comparative Politics from the University of California, Davis where he focused on civil wars. He received a bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy in English literature.