Diana Mitchell
Social media consultant, speaker and trainer. Find free social media training at dianamitchell.net.

I’m a social media consultant, trainer and speaker who helps brands and professionals get results on social media by focusing on the essentials. Over my 15-year marketing career, I’ve worked with everyone from solopreneurs and small businesses to global brands. But at the end of the day, the formula for social media success is the same regardless of your business - master the essentials. Don’t get caught up in the hype or lost in a sea of advice. Focus on mastering the essentials, telling your story and making genuine connections. You’ll be miles ahead of the competition. I can help.

My goal is to clear the clutter of social media advice and provide you with clear, actionable takeaways you can use immediately to grow your brand or business. Join me at DianaMitchell.net or connect with me on LinkedIn.