Dr. Laura Lefkowitz
Mommy of 2, Medical Doctor, Nutritionist and Palatetraining Innovator

Dr. Laura J. Lefkowitz graduated from SUNY-Stony Brook School of Medicine, where she received her M.D and then completed her internship in internal medicine and psychiatry at Saint Vincent's Medical Center in Manhattan. In addition, she pursued training in Radiation Oncology at SUNY- Brooklyn Medical Center. Dr. Lefkowitz’s core focus is preventative medicine and treatment through proper nutrition and self care. She has pioneered an approach called “Palatetraining – How to Raise a Vegetable Lover” to ensure that her children became vegetable loving healthy eaters. Dr. Lefkowitz’s practice involves patient nutrition counseling. Follow her on Instagram @Drlauralefkowitz and twitter @DrLLefkowitz.

More articles can be found at GOOP (http://goop.com/hormones-weight-gain-and-infertility/), WWW.LauraLefkowitzmd.com and Vitacost Healthy Bites (http://blog.vitacost.com/dr-laura-lefkowitz)