Emma Hajduk
Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Author, and a busy Mum of 3

Emma Hajduk is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, an author, a blogger and a mum of 3. She is passionate about helping women who are struggling with emotional eating and a negative relationship with their bodies. She helps them discover the tools needed to break the cycle and reclaim their lives. Her coaching approach is based on working from the inside out. By focusing on the root of the emotional eating cycle she helps her clients with the tools they need to break the pattern and gain clarity and freedom in their lives Emma’s first book is called Feeding My Feelings; Diary of an Emotional Eater. In it she shares her journey with emotional eating and how she used to use food as a way of dealing with life and how she managed to break free from that cycle. She is also the creator of the Cherished Butterfly Wellness Program, a 10-week online program that is valuable resource in helping you discover what is truly holding you back in regards to your health and wellness. Find out more at www.emhajduk.com