Homo Riot
Street artist

Homo Riot was first spotted on the streets of Los Angeles in 2008. The work was that of an angry artist making a public statement about the passage of Prop 8, a California initiative that stated that only marriages between men and women would be recognized by the state. The highly charged and occasionally sexually explicit imagery quickly penetrated the mainstream in Los Angeles and became a rallying cry for gays, lesbians and their supporters. Almost immediately, the street art community embraced the work, and Homo Riot the artist became part of an ascending group of artists considered to be at the forefront of the street art movement in America. He continues to make his mark on the streets and create works of art that propel ideas of equality, challenge existing ideas of what it is to be gay and empower young gays and lesbians.

The initial intent to offend and lash out at the supporters of Prop 8 has now morphed into something more profound and far-reaching. The work is now an emblem of pride and strength, not only in California but around the world, thanks to the Internet, social media and artistic outreach through a project launched last year by the artist called The Global Homo Riot.