Huzir Sulaiman

One of the most critically acclaimed dramatists in Southeast Asia, and a 2007 Yale World Fellow, Huzir Sulaiman writes for theatre, film, television and newspapers, and is a consultant on public policy issues for the arts and heritage sectors.

Huzir was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was educated at Princeton University. He now lives in Singapore, where he is a co-founder and Joint Artistic Director of Checkpoint Theatre.

His plays are frequently performed in Malaysia and Singapore and have been presented in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, and London. His work is collected in Eight Plays (Silverfish Books) and his plays - 14 to date - are studied in universities in the region. They range from Atomic Jaya (1998), a classic satire on what would happen if Malaysia decided to construct an atomic bomb, to Cogito (a commission of the 2007 Singapore Arts Festival), a lyrical exploration of grief, memory, and what it means to be human.

Wide Angle, his fortnightly column in Malaysia’s leading English newspaper, The Star, covers diverse topics in culture, politics, and society. He currently teaches playwriting at the National University of Singapore, and is working on a novel.

He may be reached at .