Jim Jubak
Investor columnist, founder JubakPicks.com

Jim Jubak spent 25 years writing about the capital markets, beginning in the early 1980s as the editor of Venture magazine and later as senior financial editor at Worth magazine. In May 1997 he joined MSN Money as senior markets editor and started Jubak’s Journal and the Jubak’s Picks portfolio. The MSN software developers were justifiably skeptical that a mere journalist (even one with a Knight Bagehot fellowship in business journalism from Columbia) could beat the market and they issued a challenge: "If you’re so good, track your buys and sells as a real portfolio."

That’s exactly what he's done ever since, first on MSN Money, where Nielsen ranked him the #1 investor columnist on the web, and now on his own blog, JubakPicks.com, which he launched in July 2009. His stock-picking track record speaks for itself: the Jubak’s Picks portfolio has returned 239% since inception in May 1997. He currently runs two other stock portfolios on JubakPicks.com: The Jubak Picks 50 and the recently launched Dividend Income Portfolio.

He is the author of three books: The Jubak Picks: 50 Stocks That Will Rebuild Your Wealth and Safeguard Your Future; In the Image of the Brain: Breaking the Barrier Between the Human Mind and Intelligent Machines; and The Worth Guide to Computerized Investing, the first how-to for the revolution that would eventually lead to Yahoo Finance, The Motley Fool, and MSN Money.

He lives in New York with wife and two kids.

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