Jens Erik Gould
Editor-in-Chief of The Knife Media

Jens Erik Gould is Editor-in-Chief of The Knife Media, a digital news service that offers the news without spin and rates media outlets for their level of objectivity and bias. Jens has been a correspondent for Bloomberg News and a regular contributor for The New York Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio, and Platts. He has covered Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and California, focusing on politics, the economy, business and music. Jens Erik Gould is also producer of Bravery Tapes, a series that documents stories of courage. Jens was awarded Pulitzer Center grants in 2012 and 2014 for reporting projects in Honduras and Vietnam. He has received a Fulbright scholarship and has a BA with honors from the University of Michigan. Jens is also a guitarist and singer-songwriter.

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