Jo Fuller

Freelance Hairdresser, columnist for The Brighton & Hove Independent and writer of 'Short Cuts' a blog inspired by hairdressing

You might think that the conversations people have with their hairdresser are fuelled with gossip and meaningless chatter, but what often unfolds are some of the most open, honest and often heartfelt interactions. I’m Jo Fuller a former exec turned hairdresser with a passion for writing. Many of my clients have become my friends, and while I have their confidence I also have their permission to divulge to you some of the insights, observations and revelations I discover over the course of a hair appointment. We are humans and we go through ups and down. These words may help you to dodge the long way round, and take a little ‘short cut’ to a point of understanding or empathy. By sharing these conversations, I hope to amuse you, offer a little inspiration and let you know you are not alone.

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