Joanna Sobran
President and Co-Founder of MXOtech, Inc.

Joanna Sobran is the President and Co-founder of MXOtech, Inc. She started her career in the healthcare industry and moved into IT, combining health care and technology expertise. Joanna’s extensive knowledge of the IT and healthcare industry became a solid foundation to build her own successful business. Joanna is the decision maker and steering wheel of MXOtech. She focuses on vision, business development, marketing, product development and strategy. Joanna knows how important the human factor is for the success of a company, therefore she hand picks everyone on her team and recruits the perfect technical business candidates for MXO’s clients.

Joanna is focused on delivering high-level customer service support to her clients and employees. She is passionate about helping her clients grow their businesses. Whether it’s through using better technology solutions or simply connecting her clients together, she treasures her client’s and truly cares about their success.