Judith Parker Harris
Founder and President of Health-Esteem Intl.

Judith Parker Harris is a movie and commercial producer, an advertising/marketing entrepreneur, community leader, author, speaker, coach and consultant who focuses all of those skills and talents on helping businesses and individuals move from BLOCKED to BLOCKBUSTER.
As Founder and President of Health-Esteem Intl. Judith inspires others to find what’s blocking them in order to make positive life changes just as she was able to do to beat the partial paralysis and sight loss of multiple sclerosis that almost stopped life as she knew it in 1985. Prior to her diagnosis, Judith had established a multi-million dollar advertising agency that specialized in marketing national healthcare chains in the 80s. Judith pioneered brand advertising for healthcare products with campaigns for plastic surgery, podiatry, senior health, Women's Centers, and treatment programs for eating disorders, chemical dependency and mental health. Other client categories included movie promotion, beauty, travel and computer systems. Many advertising awards have come her way. In the 70's, Judith produced and directed over 3,000 television commercials and served as on-camera spokesperson for a national retail chain.

Also Vice President of Worldwide Entertainment, Judith is currently developing several feature film projects and a stage musical with husband, Jack H. Harris. Honored with a commendation by the City and the County of Los Angeles as a “Woman of Accomplishment,” Judith has also been invited to the White House for acknowledgement of her public service as the Founding Chair of the Women in Film Public Service Announcement Program. Judith was recently Chair of the Women in Film Foundation, President of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Additional honors include NSA’s 2003 and 2009 Member of the Year, and winner of the 2003 Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award.

Books by Judith Parker Harris include: Conquering Crisis With Health Esteem,

Move From Blocked to Blockbuster, Master Challenges In Your Life