Keaira Lashae

Former Sony recording artist, singer/songwriter, dancer/choreographer and model, Keaira joins the DailyBurn team as a trainer with a unique outlook on fitness. Focusing on dance as a form of cardio and toning, Keaira brings a vibrant breath of fresh air to the trainer community. As a performer, Keaira is well known for being exciting, high energy, creative, and mesmerizing. She’s often compared to Janet Jackson and Chris Brown because of her sharp and hard hitting dance style.

Over the years Keaira has appeared in music videos, television appearances and international tours with world famous artists such as Usher, Pitbull, Cypress Hill, Marc Anthony, N.E.R.D, Snoop Dog, Nelly, and many more as a singer and dancer. She is also known for her striking figure and love for fitness which is how she got the nickname “Super Hero.”