Kim Bowen
Life coach and healer for women specializing in Reiki, energy healing, yoga, body love, goddess energy, and the power of the mind.

I’m Kim Bowen, and I empower women to break free from emotional pain and self limitations to experience bliss in their lives. What they desire more than anything is to feel and live lighter- eliminating the ongoing negative chatter consuming their mind and the old body shame that eats at their confidence. With my help, they conquer their inner critic, increase their spiritual connection, and create flow in their body and life that feels easy while embracing their inner goddess.

I grew up suffering from poverty, low self esteem, and childhood trauma which has lead me to a life of healing myself, and now healing others.

I’m a certified life coach, yoga instructor, Reiki master, powerful energy healer, transformational retreat leader, mom of three, life lover, founder of the F*ck Body Shame Campaign, an artist at heart, and an empowerment and body love junkie. Healing women to love, adore, and uplift themselves while becoming positive role models for girls is my passion.