Kristin Peterson
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inveneo

Kristin Peterson is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inveneo, a non-profit social enterprise focusing on delivering the tools of technology - sustainable computing and better access to broadband Internet - in rural areas throughout the developing world. With more than 20 years of technology-focused business, market development and social enterprise experience, Kristin has been responsible for strategy, partnership and support development since Inveneo’s inception in 2004. She has led Inveneo’s efforts to deliver education, healthcare, economic development and relief projects in Haiti and in over 25 countries throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, South Asia and the Pacific, impacting the lives of over three million people.

Kristin has received numerous awards in recognition of her dedication to promoting ICTs as a means of providing a better life for humanity, particularly in rural communities. In 2007 she was named a CNN Principal Voice in Innovation and Technology, in 2011 she received the ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Award and recently she became a 2013 Advisor to the Clinton Global Initiative Program Committee.