Laura Mola
writer, trial lawyer, student of human nature

I was born in the Bronx to an American mother who would do anything for me and an Italian dad who thought I could do anything I wanted and then some. I was trying to find a song as a metaphor and the only one that comes to mind is Born This Way. I was born with a silver spoon, not money or privilege, but unconditional love and total acceptance always. I never felt less than as a woman and either I am bonkers and unaware but I never felt gender discrimination although it is obvious it exists in spades. I am a feminist. I believe we are all equal. I try to treat animals as I would people, except the ones I occasionally eat. I always hung with the guys and relate better to men and if I was Hillary during that debate I would have turned and told him to step back and probably confronted him in no uncertain terms live TV or not. When you’re from the Bronx it never leaves you I guess. I’ve been a prosecutor and I’ve been arrested. I started a commercial film production company and met real criminals. I’ve been saved by the bell carrying drugs into Lebanon and avoided shoot-outs in Times Square and Los Angeles. I have gone into life full throttle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve been in Afghanistan, Peru, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Egypt, Chile, India, all across Europe. I felt at home everywhere. I love to connect with people, as a writer I study, steal from them and learn. My next adventure is on the horizon and promises to encompass much of the former into new uncharted territory.

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