Lexi Herrick
Writer and Digital Marketer

Lexi is an SEO nerd and blogger living the dream in the big apple. She's also the founder of www.HerTrack.com, a growing community of female writers, marketers and designers that create candid and engaging lifestyle content. Lexi has been blogging for HuffPost since she was a 19-year-old college kid in a dorm room covered in empty coffee cups and half-written stories. She's also been published on Upworthy, Elite Daily, Ravishly, Thought Catalog, A-Plus, Distractify and more. Lexi believes writing to be a vital outlet for human beings to share their experiences with one another, and has found it to be a tremendous tool in her personal and professional life. To read more, you can check out her website at https://www.hertrack.com.

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