Lindsay Caldwell
Content Writer & Producer

Lindsay Caldwell is a content writer & producer with over five years of experience working for clients in advertising, marketing & video production. She has written and produced a broad spectrum of content for print, digital, television and film businesses. Her versatile writing for corporate and entertainment brands includes coverage on the red carpet, RFP’s, scripts, presentations, blogs, websites, press releases to name a few.

Lindsay is known for her ability to conceptualize, strategize, write and produce fresh creative content that excites and engages brands and their audiences. She crafts messaging not only to move people to action, but to make a lasting connection to brands and to audiences.

Writing has always come naturally to her, however, she credits the cities she has resided in for helping to shape her voice. An old soul, growing up in Memphis inspired her voice and passion, Boston stamped her with culture and education, Los Angeles gave her something to talk about, while Nashville has brought it all together in her home state of Tennessee.

Lindsay can be reached at