Liz Umlas and Rachel Eliana Berman

Rachel Eliana Berman is a sixth-grader at a French-English school in Geneva, Switzerland. She is passionate about art, theater and politics, and recently has branched out into cartooning and caricatures. She is a Swiss-born American citizen. She was very disappointed that she could not vote for Al Gore in 2000, as she was only 4 years old.

Liz Umlas always wanted to be a political cartoonist. Not being much of an artist, she had to settle for political scientist. She is a human rights researcher in Geneva, focusing on the area of business and human rights. Liz has worked in academia, the UN, the NGO sector, and, most recently, in the field of social investment research. She has a PhD in political science from Yale University and a BA in Spanish from Harvard. Originally from Boston, she is an active member of both Democrats Abroad and Geneva for Obama. She is also Rachel's mom.