Llyane B. Stanfield
Parisian French language coach, founder of the J’Ouellette® French Learning Method

Llyane is a Parisian French language coach and founder of the J’Ouellette® French Method – an organic method whose techniques are employed by the world’s finest linguists. She travels between Toronto, New York and Paris, while teaching French via Skype in more than 15 countries. She is a French language coach for busy traveling professionals and has produced an unprecedented Intensive Program and French Pronunciation Master Class, as well as other valuable visual and teaching materials. She now spends a large part of her time in Paris, where she also organizes an Immersion Retreat. Her unique methods guarantee a quantum leap in confidence and pronunciation. A short session with her is the perfect start to brush up your French at the start of your trip to Paris. Find her at www.LlyaneStanfield.com