Lynne Sadowski

Lynne Sadowski is an Admissions Representative at a university for entertainment media. Throughout her career, she has mentored and coached students in the pursuit of their education to get into the industry of their dreams. The most rewarding moments in her career have been when her graduates call to say “I made it”. She has coached many successful students who have since graduated from college and moved on to get their names in credits on blockbuster films such as Avatar and on Grammy winning albums including Who is Sasha Fierce.

Lynne has had a lifetime of struggles with weight loss and a few years ago she had reached her breaking point when she found herself grossly overweight. Then one day she took a pole-dance fitness class and rediscovered the sensual, confident woman inside of her that she lost many years ago. This experience ignited an amazing physical and emotional transformation for Lynne so she decided to write a book about the tools she used to help change her mind and body. She has also invested in the growth of the alternative fitness center that helped bring her sexy back and is now partners with the Orlando based women’s fitness center, Vixen Fitness.

Her vision is to use her gift of motivating and inspiring others along with her passion for writing to help women tap into their inner beauty and become the women they desire to be.