Mac Hart
18-year-old computer science major.

My name is Patrick McDonnell Hart, but you can just call me Mac. I am a typical kid who has moved around a few times in my life, from Concord, Massachusetts to Avon, Connecticut then finally to Southbury, Connecticut. I've spent most of my years in Southbury and I can honestly say they were the best days of my teenage years. As I write this I sit at my desk in my prison cell of a dorm room at a large New England university. It's hot and stuffy but I am loving every moment of it. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I grew up a very happy child. Even though my parents divorced when I was 13, I can't complain that I never had a roof over my head or a family who loved me. My family is rather large and I can boast that my great grandmother lived to 102! Before school I lived at home with my mother, my step-father, brother and my dog George. My brother, though extremely annoying at times, is one of my best friends. I've never felt homesick before, but now I finally miss the constant bickering with him. As a kid Owen and I usually spent most of our free time playing video games -- me more than him -- so I am sort of a geek.

As I got older my interests ranged from not just playing games but creating the systems that play them. I built my first computer last year and let me tell you the benefits of knowing the ins and outs of a computer are extraordinary. Knowing how your computer works and what each component does is not only fun but a life skill in itself. Because of my love of all things computers I am a computer science major and IT minor. On my floor here at school, I'm known as the computer guy, so if my floor-mates have a problem, I'm the first one they'll come to. When not building computers I am a PC gamer who plays games ranging from Starcraft II, Elder Scrolls to Battlefield Bad Company 2. You're probably assuming I am an unfit fat mess, but you'd be surprised. I am an avid soccer and Ultimate Frisbee fan. I played soccer for my high school during my freshman and sophomore year and then during my junior and senior year, once I was able to drive, I played Frisbee with my friends every weekend. Hopefully I can find some soccer and Frisbee clubs here on campus. Also I am an avid snowboarder, so I can't wait for the first snow to fall.