Mark D. Weinberg
Former speechwriter and advisor to President Ronald Reagan

A former speechwriter and advisor to President Ronald Reagan, now writing a book, "Movie Nights with the Reagans," to be published by Simon & Schuster, Mark D. Weinberg is a highly experienced executive communications consultant - and former White House spokesperson - who has held senior management positions at Fortune 500 corporations and the Federal government. Currently, he runs his own communications consultancy, which provides communications counsel to corporate and public sector clients in consumer products, insurance, publishing, health care, biotechnology, film and television production, acquisitions, foreign diplomacy, and a Presidential Library.

In addition to writing speeches and other forms of commentary for Ronald Reagan, Weinberg has written for:

· CEOs of Fortune 500 corporations

· Ambassadors to the United States

· Senior Federal and State Government Officials

· Candidates for Elective Office

Prior to founding his consultancy, Weinberg held senior communications management positions at Empire State Development Corporation, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Deloitte, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Before entering the private sector, he served for more than 10 years as a senior communications advisor, spokesman and speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan, including eight years at the White House. Weinberg was Special Assistant to the President and Assistant Press Secretary, and then served as Director of Public Affairs to the former President for two years after he left office.

As Vice President for Communications at the Empire State Development, he served as the CEO’s senior speechwriter. At Deloitte, Weinberg created the firm’s first-ever Executive Communications unit focused on speech writing, media relations training, speech and presentation coaching, and senior executive public appearances.

Op-eds written by Weinberg for the CEO of The McGraw-Hill Companies have appeared in major national newspapers. The speech Weinberg wrote for the CEO’s use at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council was chosen for publication in the prestigious journal Vital Speeches of the Day.

Articles by Mark Weinberg have been published in The Washington Times, USA TODAY, POLITICO and The Plain Dealer. He has a degree in journalism from the George Washington University.

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