Matthew and Peter Slutsky

Matthew and Peter Slutsky are the hosts of DoubleSpeak, an online radio show and podcast that features an array of political voices. DoubleSpeak's guests have included prominent candidates, elected officials, activists and members of the media, as well as bloggers, pundits and campaign operatives.

Matthew and Peter, along with DoubleSpeak producer Joshua Skaroff, have traveled America producing shows that tell the story of local elections, political issues and highlight the people who are working hard to effect change in their community and around the country.

In early 2008, Matthew and Peter, along with Josh and videographer Cameron Hickey traveled to New Hampshire to cover the first in the nation primary for The Huffington Post and OffTheBus.

Currently, Matthew works for M+R Strategic Services, where he is active in managing aspects of the Save Darfur Coalition and Peter serves as Communication Director for Progressive Strategies, LLC, a small consulting firm that focuses on building progressive power in America.

Matthew and Peter hail from Philadelphia, PA and currently share a womb sized condominium in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C.