Nicolás Meyer

Nicolás Meyer is the author of “The Biographical Dictionary of Hispanic Americans.” He launched a magazine at age ten, and has been scribbling away ever since. Usually briefly, he has also been a schoolteacher, policeman, traveling salesman, and cartoonist. As a writer and journalist, he has been a film critic, book critic, travel writer, United Nations press officer, foreign correspondent, film production company communications manager, screenplay analyst, magazine editor, and newspaper night editor. He now writes columns and translations. His published books also include two histories of world film (one as co-author). Unpublished books include one on philosophy (setting forth an approach to all of life’s major questions without any appeal to supernatural beings or forces); one on travel to uttermost corners of the world – Samarkand and Timbuktu; and an honorable-mention-winning novel on Irish pioneers in Patagonia. He also has a screenplay for a rousing swashbuckler, awaiting a canny producer.