Sean Stone
Actor, filmmaker and co-founder of Film Funds

Sean Stone has grown up in the film-world, having acted since childhood in his father Oliver Stone’s films, including The Doors (1990), JFK (1991), Natural Born Killers (1994), and W. (2008)
Stone majored in American History, studying at Oxford and Princeton University; he graduated from Princeton in 2006, after completing his thesis on the 'New World Order'. By then he was fortunate enough to have worked with such organizations as Save the Children in Somalia, and the gang prevention program Unity-One for Jim Brown's Amer-I-Can group in Los Angeles.

Young Stone began his filmmaking career by shooting additional footage for his father's 2002 documentaries on Fidel Castro (Commandante) and the Israel-Palestine conflict (Persona Non Grata). He again worked with his father in directing the behind-the-scenes features for the Warner Bros' DVD release of Alexander (2004). He simultaneously directed the feature-length documentaryFight Against Time, about his father's journey in making that epic film; Fight Against Time was released on the Alexander Revisited Blu-Ray edition (2007).
Stone continued to apprentice under his father, directing documentaries for the DVD features of Disney’s Nixon (re-released 2008) and Lionsgate’s W. (2008), before advancing to work with his father on W., as an Editorial Consultant. Thereafter, he became an Associate Editor on his father's documentary TV series, The Secret History of the United States (scheduled for 2012).
Young Stone wrote and directed his first fictional short, Singularity, in 2008; this science-fiction story is set in the near-future, where three friends struggle with the implications of living in a fascist society that abducts and executes people who are suspected of carrying a mysterious plague.

Stone has just completed his feature-length directorial debut, Graystone (scheduled for release through ARC/Xclrator in late 2012). This supernatural-horror story is based on actual events that occurred when the filmmakers broke into a haunted insane asylum in late 2009. Stone co-wrote and stars in the film.

Stone will soon be seen on the third-season of the popular TV series 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura'. He joins Ventura's team this year as a co-host, investigating claims of conspiracy across the United States.

Stone is a co-founder of Film Funds (, an internet-based company that helps filmmakers build an audience for their films, as well as offering R&D components for both studios and independent filmmakers alike.

Stone is currently developing multiple productions, including co-productions in Iran, Brazil, and two films scheduled to be filmed in the United States this year.