Sergio Bendixen
President, Bendixen & Amandi

Sergio Bendixen is recognized as one of the leading pollsters and political tacticians the United States and Latin America. He has been involved in national and Florida politics dating back to 1972. Sergio has had key strategic, polling, communications and management roles in national campaigns for president and governor in the United States, Puerto Rico, Florida, California, Texas, New Jersey, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica.

Sergio’s proficiency originates from his unique ability to merge a diverse set of experiences in public opinion research, communications, politics, and public policy to strategically address the varied portfolio of his clients. The extensive political experiences that Bendixen brings to opinion research allow him to devise effective strategies to positively influence either electoral campaigns or public policy. The significant work that Sergio Bendixen has accomplished led Real Clear Politics to recognize him as “one of the most influential men in politics you haven’t heard of.”

Sergio's knowledge of, and contacts among, print and broadcast media enable him to take his expertise in public opinion research to a higher level where he can better suit the needs of his clientele. He understands how to craft his research findings into a potent message that is regarded as both understandable and credible by his clients, the media, and their desired audiences.

Sergio graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1970 with a degree in chemical engineering. Following his studies at Notre Dame, he was employed by the Atlantic Richfield Corporation in Corpus Christi, Texas. However, a fascination with politics and a desire to understand how to shape public policy drew Bendixen into the political arena, opinion research, and the media.