Shawne Merriman

Powerful, fearless, and intense, Shawne “Lights Out” Merriman has made a name for himself in the NFL based upon his passion, his strength and his ability to ignite his team and intimidate opponents.

Shawne was a first round draft pick in 2005 out of The University of Maryland, and is now nationally recognized as one of the top defensive players in the NFL. As a sixth-year veteran and three time Pro-Bowler, Shawne is known as an NFL powerhouse, a team leader, and an integral asset to the Buffalo Bills.

Shawne’s excellence and drive for success does not subside when he exits the stadium. His undeniable tenacity and dedication has lead to tremendous success in a plethora of ventures off of the field as well.

Shawne was born and raised in Maryland. His football career began when he was a young boy, and it was apparent to Shawne’s family, friends and coaches from a very early age that he had an exceptional talent.

Shawne grew up in a rough part of town, surrounded by dangerous circumstances. However, where others may have fallen victim to the negative influences of a tough neighborhood, Shawne’s strength and intuition allowed him to divert the negativity and channel his energy into a positive outlet; football. During his career at Frederick Douglass High School, Shawne earned the nickname “Lights Out” for his ability to strike his opponents with tremendous force. The alias has been with him ever since.

It is not only Shawne’s strength and performance on the field that makes him so magnetic. His fervent desire to give back to his community and inherent entrepreneurial spirit are what make Shawne a truly remarkable man.

As a child, Shawne was the victim of two house fires, and he was left homeless as a result of these incidents.Thus, he has worked tirelessly in an effort to give back to his community and assist homeless children and families in need. He has taken a special interest in contributing to the Salvation Army, Standing Up For Kids and Feeding America. Additionally, Shawne founded the “Lights On Foundation” in an effort to help children and families in need, and he hosts the annual“Lights On” Bowling event to raise money for the cause.

Shawne is extremely business oriented, and his intelligence supersedes his talents on the field. He is passionate about business and philanthropy, and is focused on building upon his success in these fields. Hard working and driven on and off the field, Shawne’s charisma intensifies when he is in the spotlight. He is exciting and articulate, and has the “star quality” that audiences across the board gravitate towards. Shawne has been featured in GQ, ESPN The Magazine, VIBE Magazine and many more.

Additionally, Shawne is well known on the small screen from MTV, to VH1, E!, FOX and more, it is no doubt that a post NFL career in television is in the future for this shining star. Whether it’s on the red carpet, in front of a camera or on the radio, Shawne has that “it” factor. That is what attracts mainstream viewers, readers and listeners alike, and sets him apart from the everyday professional athlete.