Solange Garcia
Little Lady living with lupus in this loopy world

Solange Garcia is a living “lupie” that hails from a tiny island in the Caribbean called St. Croix of the United States Virgin Islands. When she says “lupie” she is referring both to her overactive lifestyle of working 3 jobs and going to graduate school AND her equally (if not more so) overactive immune system that always keeps her on her toes. They are a match made in heaven. She has lived in Boston for about 6 years and attends Boston University's Metropolitan College in hopes of becoming a professional performing arts administrator. If that doesn't work out, she always has her sweet dance moves to get her by. Her spirit animal is an owl. She completely made that up to justify her unhealthy obsession with owls. Other interests include, but are not limited to: Theatre, Music, Poetry, Performance, Education, Film, Books, B&W Photography, People, Love, Food, Laughing, Cooking, Cake, Fruit, Dance, Parties, Liquor Shots, Hats, Comedy, Cooking, Rainstorms, Body Heat, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, Banana Nut Muffins, Muffins in general, Good Wine, Sexy Time, Puppies, Cold Mango Green Tea, Hot Mint Green Tea, Kisses, Hugs, Hoodies, Underwear, Health, My Heritage, Art, Office Supplies, Organization, Cheap Wine, Karaoke, Hookah, Cuddling, Body Art, Stickers, Coordination, Cooperation, Reliability, Honesty, Nutrition, and Fidelity. not necessarily in that order.