Sthokozo Mabaso
Reporter, GlobalGirl Media South Africa

Sthokozo Mabaso, age 21, was raised in Kwazulunatal, South Africa, and currently lives in Soweto, South Africa with her aunt and two cousins. Sthokozo graduated high school and has completed a year of study in Business Studies program at University of Johannesburg. Sthokozo is a graduate of the GlobalGirl Media 2011 training program. Sthokozo’s dream is to have her own NGO, taking care of children who are HIV+ and AIDS orphans.

Sthokozo served as reporter/ interviewer for the GlobalGirl Media report Abuse, in which a man talks openly about hitting his girlfriend when she revealed to him that she was HIV+, and a group of young teenage men talk about why they abuse their girlfriends.

Sthokozo was selected to report on the World Aids Conference in Washington, D.C. July 23-15, 2012.