Theodore Bergquist
CEO and Co-Founder of GamersGate

Mr. Bergquist is the CEO and Co-Founder of GamersGate. Theodore has previously served as CEO of Paradox Interactive, CEO of Conan Properties, CEO for Jupiter Communication Scandinavia; today Jupiter Media (NASDAQ: JUPM), where he also served as M&A director for Europe and Asia. Additionally, Mr. Bergquist held the position as the senior analyst at Jupiter serving as an expert in the media and entertainment industry focusing on new business models and digital distribution channels.

Prior to joining Jupiter Communication, Mr. Bergquist co-founded Intelligence Research and Consulting (IRC), where he served as CEO. IRC rapidly became one of the most respected research and consulting firms in Scandinavia focusing on e-commerce and wireless business. In 1999, Mr. Bergquist led the negotiation and sale of IRC to Jupiter Communication.