Tom Schey

Tom Schey built the first conventionally constructed platinum LEED home in the State of California.
A builder/developer, now based in Los Angles, he grew up and lived as a practicing attorney in suburban Detroit until 2001.

Moving to L.A. brought about a significant change of perspective. Being a lover of the outdoors, his appreciation of the natural beauty of this country grew exponentially with his move to the west coast.

He built some of the most environmentally advanced homes on the west coast, culminating in, which was used as a charitable and educational tool in the community.

Understanding the homes he was building would most likely outlast his time on this planet, Schey vowed to create structures in which sustainability and environmentalism were incorporated within.

He has now turned his sights on making a difference on a larger scale. Minimal Productions,, is an environmental consulting company focusing on the entertainment, and hospitality industry, with offices on both coasts.