Tricia Fox
Award Winning Entrepreneur & Marketer

Tricia Fox is a Scottish entrepreneur and marketer who is utterly, utterly passionate about building brands. Energetic and enthusiastic she has worked with hundreds of companies: big and small, public and private, listed and unlisted.

She founded her first business at the age of just 26 and has clocked up an impressive array of awards for enterprise, innovation, marketing and public relations. Running her Perth based PR & Marketing agency on what often feels like a 24/7 cycle, Tricia is in demand as a professional speaker and commentator at conferences across the UK and has also pitted her business skills against the next generation of young entrepreneurs, appearing in the cBBC programme Beat the Boss with Apprentice winner Saira Khan.

Her television and radio credits include BBC Newsnight Scotland, Reporting Scotland, MacAuley & Co, BBC Reporting Scotland, and Daily Politics, cBBc’s Beat the Boss.