Wale Oyejide
Menswear Designer at Ikiré Jones, Author of LessGentleMen.com, Musician...and Attorney

On the path to becoming all things to all men who are foolhardy enough to dream bigger than they currently live, Wale Oyejide has found himself painted into the corner where music, menswear, and the law intersect. Since being named by Esquire Magazine as one of the five "Best Dressed Real Men" in America, Mr. Oyejide has sought to convey his unique perspective on the way every day men should attempt to navigate the murky waters that pool around them on a daily basis. Wale is the author of www.lessgentlemen.com; a site not so much dedicated to the ever-elusive "good life" as it is to the "appropriate and attainable one."

In his misguided youth, Wale Oyejide also enjoyed a brief stint as an afrobeat musician and vocalist, wherein he collaborated with artists like MF Doom and J-Dilla. He is also a practicing attorney... much to the chagrin of anyone with whom he becomes involved.