01/06/2014 04:10 pm ET Updated Mar 08, 2014

Soulmate for Jobs?

The job crisis across our country and around the world is devastating. The political leaders are not doing anything to make things better. The unemployment in America is still very weak at 7 percent and the 'American dream' is becoming more of a distant thought. Even with all the technology advancements we've seen over the years, nothing has really surged to serve as a catalyst to this big issue.

When looking at the core process of how people look for jobs today -- it's not a pretty picture. Everyone knows how frustrating the job search/hunt process can be. You sit there sending resumes to countless job posts that don't even reflect your skills or experience. Sad to say, but you're very much aware that the chances of hearing back from an employer are slim to none. It's almost like there's a black hole that all the resumes go into. Even with a growing number of available jobs out there, people are still having an extremely difficult time finding jobs. Bottom line is that the current methodology to find jobs is broken and that it is high time for the old school online recruitment ways to change.

I was going through some of the top companies from the 2013 Web Summit in Dublin (Rolls Royce of tech events) and I came across a company called Loosemonkies. Their name alone got my attention right away. I quickly learned that they were more than just a cool startup with a fun name. Loosemonkies is solving this exact job crisis and seems to be the future of online recruitment. This company was connecting people to real jobs that truly matched their skill set, experience, and/or aspirations. They were changing the way job seekers and employers engaged in communication to make the journey a lot more fruitful. Fundamentally, their approach is that you shouldn't have to look for jobs anymore. The jobs should find you. I really connected with their vision and decided to dig deeper.

I was able to get in touch with their core executive team and quickly learned that they have been working at changing the way people find jobs for over 2 years. The idea came about when they were brainstorming the correlation of finding your 'online' soul mate to finding your perfect job. If you could use online websites/platforms to facilitate the process of connecting 2 people, then why not do the same for people and jobs? Since we literally spend more than 1/3 of our lives working at our jobs, wouldn't it be essential to offer this much-needed platform?
In come Loosemonkies: Two­-way job matching that makes sense!

It looks at your skills, qualifications, job experience, and language proficiencies, amongst other variables, and computes a correlation through an intelligent algorithm. In turn, it reveals a match percentage to all the jobs in the system -- to help you find the job most suited to you. By constantly comparing all job seekers to all job postings, Loosemonkies reveals the best matched jobs and the most suitable candidates, immediately in real time.

It's an intuitively designed system that helps you every step of the way, letting you compare yourself to other candidates, get notifications when you're viewed, see your rank for jobs you're applying to, and even have employers chat with you directly in the system. The analysis of data is served through a refined user interface, establishing a more accurate data interaction process.

By the way, it turns out that employers have a mirror replica of bells and whistles (with additional filters) to completely revolutionize the way they shortlist their candidates. This is the intelligent recruiting solution that the world needs today.

Of the many new job sites, Loosemonkies definitely comes out on top. Job boards with busy and ugly homepages, which are fueled by random keyword matching, definitely seem to be a thing of the past. Using archaic, boring job boards (including LinkedIn -- sorry, just being honest!) just doesn't work anymore. It's certainly nice to see proactive companies bringing much needed change to this specific industry. Who would have thought that tech would be one of the key contributors to changing the game in HR? Job seekers and employers around the world can rest assured ­ the future of recruiting is moving in the right direction... your 'soulmate' jobs aren't far away.