02/02/2013 11:22 am ET Updated Apr 04, 2013

8 Questionable Reasons to Get Pregnant

Written by Michelle Horton for

I've spent a long time debating whether or not to get pregnant again. A really long time.

My son is turning 4 in a couple of weeks, and I can't believe how fast, how instantly, the months have ticked by. I assumed I would've had an overwhelming need to have a second child by now -- especially after having such an uncomplicated pregnancy and an easy-peasy baby/toddler/child. Why wouldn't I want another baby, especially if he/she could be just like my first?

Truthfully, I have a long list of reasons. Some selfish, most practical.

But the biggest reason? I don't know that I have a strong enough reason to get pregnant. I've had fleeting moments -- weeks, at times -- where I'm sure we'll have another one, if not now then soon. But whenever a wave of "let's have another baby" washes over me, I stop and think "Is this a good reason?"

Sometimes the reasons are laughably ridiculous, and other times they really make me think. Most of the time, the question is rhetorical -- yes, I know that having a child for a fancy stroller is not a good reason to get pregnant -- but sometimes I'm really asking. Is getting pregnant so that my son has a playmate a good enough reason to bring another life into the world? Is it?

Here are 8 semi-ridiculous -- but sometimes not-so-ridiculous -- reasons that I've wanted to have a second baby. Are these bad reasons?

8 Questionable Reasons to Get Pregnant

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