06/14/2010 04:25 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

For Sale: One Used Attorney General?

As taxpayers we pay our elected officials to serve the people and protect our state and our interests. What happens when the very companies that our elected officials should regulate enter the six- and seven-figure levels in their generous campaign contributions?

Why did a board member of Vahli, Inc (parent company of Waste Control Specialists, a nuclear waste disposal company proposing a new radioactive waste dump in West Texas) donate $395,000 in campaign contributions (as of December 2009 reports) to Attorney General Abbott? (as of December 2009 reports the Texas Attorney General has received a total of $405,000 from nuclear waste disposal interests).

Why did oil and gas interests donate (as of December 2009 reports) over $2,000,000 in campaign contributions to Attorney General Abbott?

Why did building giant Bob Perry(Bob Perry Homes) donate (as of December 2009 reports) over $1,000,000 in campaign contributions to Gregg Abbott?

Why did banking, finance, securities, and investment sectors (as of December 2009 reports) donate over $1,500,000 in campaign contributions to Mr. Abbott?

On Saturday, June 12, The Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission held a public hearing regarding the plan to bury nuclear material from 36 other states in West Texas. Waste Control Specialists (parent company: Valhi, Inc) would run the site. Approval of its design and precise location is pending.

Attorney General Abbott, after briefing by foreign oil giant BP, gave a May 3 press conference on the Gulf disaster. Mr. Abbott stated as of May 3 that BP had made "all the right actions and all the right comments". On June 8, 2010, Mr. Abbott said, "The truth is, Texas has not suffered any damages yet, but we want to be ready in the event that oil does come to Texas." Two Texans died in the April 20 explosion. Texans' jobs and our economy suffer. It's premature to say that spoiling our waters with surface and subsurface toxins and gunk has caused no harm to Texas.

The builder controlled Texas Residential Construction Commission received reprieve from
Comptroller investigation thanks to a Texas Attorney General opinion.

Wall Street remains untouched by the Texas Attorney General.

Is the Texas Attorney General being used by his campaign donors?