06/08/2010 05:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Texans Died, Mr. Abbott

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, 48 days after the British Petroleum disaster in the Gulf, reaffirmed the "ecological and environmental disaster", claimed "Texas has not suffered any damages yet," and specified his "reaction" as "nothing but sheer frustration and aggravation". He offered no regrets for his May 3 statement that BP had made "all the right actions and all the right comments".

Texans died in the explosion. Texas has been damaged in many ways that need to be investigated. The AG's confessed reaction of "nothing but sheer frustration and aggravation" is common among overwhelmed young lawyers.

In a most regrettable conclusion for the people of Texas, the Texas Attorney General aided potential defendants in the Gulf disaster by denying deaths, economic and sub-surface ecological damages preceding visible oil on our shores. He proclaimed, as of June 8:

"The truth is, Texas has not suffered any damages yet, but we want to be ready in the event that oil does come to Texas."

We've accurately quoted Mr. Abbott's 13th day response that BP had made 'all the right actions and all the right comments'. While Mr. Abbott may be emotionally fragile, he could still issue a civil investigative demand, a powerful AG subpoena-like tool. His campaign website remains empty of information or reaction other than to hawk T-shirts as news.

He allows every potential wrongdoer to escape damage responsibility to Texas as of June 8, 2010.